Pac Man Use Cases

This is the Actor-Goal list for our Pac Man game:

 Actors  Task-Level Goal  Priority
 User  Play Game  1
 User  Initialize Game  1
 User  View High Scores  3
 User  Set Level  3
 User  Pause Game  2
 User  Exit Game  2
 User  Save Game  3
 User  Play Saved Game  3
 User  Change Controls  4

These are the Use Case Briefs for our Pac Man game:

 Actors  Task-Level Goal  Brief
 User  Play Game  User chooses "Play Game" from main menu. Game level is checked and then proper level is displayed and Pac Man is moved up, down, left, or right by user inputs. There are 3 lives, if Pac Man hits a ghost, the life is over; restart with one less life. If the last life is over, then go to Exit Game Use Case. If Pac Man hits a dot, 50 points are awarded and displayed. If a level is defeated, bonus points are awarded. When in contact with a wall, Pac Man will stop and be able to go in a different direction. User tries to collect all dots without touching a ghost to complete each level. When user collects a super dot, Pac Man is able to eat the ghosts for 1000 points and they run away from him for a short time. Game is complete when final level is defeated.
 User  Initialize Game  User starts application and the main menu is displayed. The main menu contains: "Play Game", "Play Saved Game", "View High Scores", "Set Levels", and "Change Controls"
 User  View High Scores  User chooses "View High Scores" from the menu and a table listing the username entered with each corresponding high score is displayed. This screen is also displayed upon game completion as well as loss of all 3 lives. The top 5 high scores are kept.
 User  Set Level  User chooses "Set Game Level" and the current starting board and speed are displayed. The user can change the starting board and the speed of the ghosts in this menu item and then go back and play the game. More points are awarded with increasing speed.
 User  Pause Game  User is able to stop game progress while playing and then resume at a later time. Saving the game is an option here.
 User  Exit Game  User is able to exit game during play and then High Scores are displayed. When all three lives are lost, the game exits and displays High Scores. When the final level is completed, a completion screen is displayed and then the game exits and displays High Scores. If the user has earned a high score, an option to enter a username is given and then saved.
 User  Save Game  The user is able to push a save button to save the current progress and return to it at a later time.
 User  Play Saved Game  The user selects "Play Saved Game" from the main menu and starts where the saved game was stopped. If there is no game saved, then the option is not available.
 User  Change Controls  The user selects "Change Controls" from the main menu and then is prompted to enter what button will be used for each functionality.

Pac Man Fully Dressed Use Cases