Pac man Supplementary Specifications

System Requirements:

Functional Requirements:

The user will use the arrow keys on the cell phone to navigate pacman

The movement of pacman will be updated instantaneously to the screen for the user.

Non-functional Requirements:

Pac-Man should appear to move with little or no delay to the user's key strokes. (minimum of a .1 second delay)

Ages 3+ should be able to play the game and easily figure out the basic movement of pacman.

Code needs to be well documented and clear enough so that any programmer unfamiliar with J2ME and the midlet package can easily figure what is going on and how to maintain the code.

Program must always load properly.
Program must always exit properly.
Program must always restore saved game properly.
Program must always save game properly.

Spring 2003 New Functional Requirements:

Intro Screen:
Intro Screen should be created to start game and exit game.
Pause feature:
The game should have the ability to pause and exit or continue game
Additional levels:
User should be able to change levels and level of difficulty of game should rise per level.
Big Pellet:
When PacMan eats big pellet pac man should be able to eat ghosts for a short period of time.
Spring 2003 New Non-functional Requirements:

Spring 2003 New Non-functional Requirements:

Game should run faster on cell phone and game screen should adjust to any size cell phone.
Game should be made easier to be uploaded to cell phones and game should be finalized.
Game should be put on soruce forge or some where it can be accessed at the end of the duration of Cs 329.
Game should be able to run on newer Java toolkit versions and any cell phone or pda that support Java enabled technology. Game should not run slow and should always start when ran on cell phone.