October 4, 2002



October 4, 2002



All team members are to be introduced and team groups for assignment 2 are to be set.




Members were introduced and Assignment 2 groupings are set according to specific use cases of the Pac Man game.

Groupings as listed :

Pair 1 Damien Edwards and Brian Lam

Pair 2 Chris Epsom and Trevor Donarski

Pair 3 Erik Howell and Paul Force

Pair 4 Braden Kowitz and Tao Wang

Architecture issues are briefly discussed more concrete details will be distributed at the next meeting.

Programming experience for each member was also stated.

The overall concept of the game and its integration with the Motorola cell phone was mentioned.

Next meeting:

Set a preliminary architecture

Discuss RUP roles

Discuss team UML diagrams for assignment no.2

Discuss iterations.