October 23, 2002


October 23, 2002


To establish architecture for project. Define RUP goals and develop coding standards. Also, begin iteration 2 implementation and preliminary development.


We developed a concrete architecture which is posted on Wiki and will be the overall basis of development.


Coding standards and practices have been developed.


Iteration 2 has been planned: We will start construction of the Pac Man game after further design documents have been established.

Iteration 2 milestone date set

GUI Interface designed

CVS setup complete with user accounts

RUP roles defined:

Architect: Chris Epsom

Lead Developers: Braden Kowitz and Paul Force

Testers: Tao Wang and Brian Lam

Lead Code and Design Reviewer: Erik Howell

Lead Requirements Reviewer: Trevor Donarski

Process Engineer: Damien Edwards

Everyone will spend time developing

Next Meeting:

Start Coding and design

Set Coding Schedule

Make sure everyone's account is fully functional