MM March 4, 2003


March 4, 2003


additional Group meetings, Homework 3 Pair assignments, What do we have to start coding


It is too hard to have a second Group meeting in a one week period due to the conflicting schedules of group members.
329 Homework 3 groups:

- Benson Fung, Paul Force
- Tao Wang, Neil Patel
- Yanli Tong, Damien Edwards
- Trevor Donarski, Eysha Scott


CVS is up! when and logins are in your e-mail. I'll try to get the current code into CVS along with the old code already in there

Pacman Code Updates:

Current code stable code available at Benson's Student Account
Current development code available at Paul's Plywood Account

Pacman's Mouth goes in the correct direction now
All Threads are killed upon program exit

Currently working on:


Next meeting: