MM March 18, 2003


March 18, 2003


Just Code it


Get everyone into the swing of things: coding, testing, metrics.


Please remember: "cvs co" is to grab the latest code,
"cvs update" is to add in your changes and to check for concurrency issues,
As of right now, CVS is up-to-date.

Coding related

Pacman now gets killed the first time correctly.
Added a bug (fix pacman getting killed consistantly), go to Pac Man Bugs for details.
Things to do for end of semester:
1. Fix all bugs
2. Implement:
	a. power pellet (pacman eats, limited amount of time, ghosts run 
		away, pacman kill ghosts and ghosts reset)
	b. scoring 
	c. lives
	?d. pacman death sequence?
	e. all screens (introduction, start, game over)
3. Get Test cases and analysis of those for each week
4. Get Metrics and analysis of those for each week
5. Check our documentation

Next meeting: