MM April 15, 2003


April 15, 2003


Getting Pacman DONE!!!


To implement enough features for pacman to be depolyable on a cell phone

Coding related


Benson Fung
Tao Wang
Neil Patel
Damien Edwards
Yanli Tong
Trevor Donarski

Goals Accomplished and Ongoing

Left ToDo

1. Timer for Power Pellet to wear off
2. pacman death sequence and a game over (instead of jumping back to introscreen right away, or says game over on intro screen)
3. Screen width fix to support multiple phones (this could be tough, Tao is working on it, and probably 2 other people should also)
4. Scoring and Lives Display on the game screen.
5. Get Test cases and analysis of those for each week
6. Get Metrics and analysis of those for each week
7. Check our documentation

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