The purpose of the iteration plan will be to show how the Pac Man project was started during the inception phase.


September 21, 2002- September 24,2002
The initial scope for project was defined. As a beginning group of three: Damien Edwards, Erik Howell and Chris Epsom developed a preliminary vision statement for the Pac Man Game. The vision statement briefly mentioned how we would develop a classic old school game and make it fully functional on a Java Enabled device. Early project risks were established and a preliminary project plan was set.

October 7, 2002- October 11,2002
High level use cases were developed to further define the intial scope. During this iteration we developed game features for Pac Man and prioritized them in order of importance. Group was upgraded to eight members and group parings were used to further define scope of Pac Man game. Use Case diagrams, class diagrams, sequential diagrams, and package diagrams were developed by group members. During this iteration group was able to define how game will hopefully work.
Inception phase was completed on October 11,2002

Use Cases

As mentioned in the plan Use Cases were established during Inception. The use of well defined use cases will define our architecture and implementation in later iterations.

Evaluation Criteria

A scope for the project has been defined: through use cases, risk analysis and a vision statement. Now we will evaluate our scope through planned reviews and set a prelimenary archetecture in the [Elaboration] phase.