February 25, 2003


February 25, 2003


Start working on project again since everyone is aquainted with the code.
Dicussed having another meeting time other than Tuesdays


Up for grabs: discussion of another meeting time. This second meeting could be meeting only in smaller groups to perform RUP role tasks, example: tester and bug tracker work together.

Discussed what we needed to implement:
1. Ghosts to Kill Pacman
2. Pacman eats ghosts after eating a power pellet
3. Adjust Screen size to fit on all phones, or make the stage so big all phones can only display a section of the stage at once. The stage will then scroll following pacman.
4. Initial Menu Screen
5. High Score, Scoring
6. Save/Load/Pause Game
7. Color?

Determined that we need weekly metrics run on the code, and weekly testing on the code. Whoever performs these task(s) need to document (short sentence or paragraph) what they did. These should be submitted to the Project Manager to organize and post.


If you forgot what your RUP role was, click here

I recommend:
For testing: learn to use JUnit
For metrics: JStyle like we did for 329 Homework 2
For documentation: doxygen or javadoc
For architect (we need some code beautification?)...
Bug Tracking is done manually by posting to Pac Man Bugs


Next meeting:

and Homework 3 whenever that's announced
Finalize a second meeting schedule