February 11, 2003


February 11, 2003


Second meeting with new team members. Dicussion on 329 Homework 2 and a tentative coding plan to aquaint new members with the code.


Members were reaquainted and 329 Homework 2 was divided into two groups.

Groupings as listed :

Group 1 Benson Fung, Neil Patel, Eysha Scott, Damien Edwards
Group 2 Paul Force, Trevor Donarski, Tao Wang, Yanli Tong

Source Code is to be moved onto Trevor Donarski's box. For now, it can be found here Non-Zip Zipped

RUP roles were assigned to new members to fill in roles,
see Pac Man RUP Roles

Also a tentative coding schedule was discussed

Next meeting:

Code, or

Do 329 Homework 2