The purpose of the iteration plan will be to show how the Pac Man project was defined in the elaboration phase.


October 31, 2002- November 5,2002
A standard requirements document by Trevor Donarski was developed and the group use cases were changed to meet requirements after they were reviewed by group.

November 5, 2002- November 7,2002
From the fully dressed use cases and standard requirements Chris Epsom was able to create a preliminary architecture that will be the basis of our design implementation. Also our project vision was changed from all Java Enabled devices to Java Enabled cell phones.

November 8, 2002- November 9,2002
Architecture was reveiewed by group and made more detailed. Also research was done to find out how to implement Java 2 ME code on a Motorola i90 cell phone. Class diagrams were also redefined.

November 11, 2002- November 13,2002
Prototype GUI was designed and will be the basis of the construction phase.
Elaboration phase was completed on November 13,2002

Evaluation Criteria

The requirements, vision statement and architecture were all defined in this phase. The architecture is preliminary as of now and will probably change during implementation phase. Class diagrams were defined to fully incorporate how the game should be implemented. From requirements and architecture a prototype will be implemented in the [Construction] phase.