Pac Man Bugs

This page will serve to track all defects. Defects should be added when found, and responsible parties should correct, reassign, or update defects.

Status Definitions
New is entered when the Defect is initially logged.
Open is entered when the Worker initially recognizes the Defect and begins work.
Assignment Changed is entered when the Defect is reassigned. The reassigned Worker should change the Status to Open.
Pending is entered when the Worker has issues or questions stopping progress on the fix.
Fixed is entered when the Defect has been corrected by the Worker.
Closed is entered by the Worker who Logged the Defect after reviewing the Fixed artifact.

Priority Definitions
Low is entered when Defect is somewhat trivial and does not hamper the momentum of the project.
Medium is entered when Defect is of importance, but does not stop progress on the project. Medium Defects should be corrected before Low Defects.
High is entered when Defect is a "show stopper" and must be addressed immediately. High Defects should be corrected before Medium Defects.

 Defect  Status  Priority  Assigned To  Artifact  Defect Description  Resolution Description  Logged By
 1  Fixed  Medium  Benson Fung  Requirements  Pac Man's Mouth does not change directions when he moves in that direction  Fixed in  
 2  Fixed  High  bfung, pforce, nspatel  Code  The Emulator keeps displaying coordinates after "Exit" has been pushed in the game. This means the program is still running, but it should be terminated instead.  Added method in GameCanvas for access to kill FrameTrigger thread.'s destroyApp method then calls it when Exit  Benson Fung
 3  Fixed  Medium   Paul Force  Code  Pac Man "moonwalks". That is, if he is currently moving in one direction and the user indicates the next direction to move, Pac Man looks in the wrong direction while animating.  Added variable animDirection_ in PacmanActor to keep track of the direction Pac Man is currently animating in. Modified animation methods in PacmanActor to take advantage of this.  Paul Force
 4  Fixed  High  Benson Fung  Code  When Pacman is killed he floats through the walls and goes back to the origin instead of instantly reappearing there.   Coordinates weren't being reset properly when pacman died.  Neil Patel
 5  Fixed  Medium  Trevor Donarski  Code  Pacman doesn't get killed all the time. It seems that only when the ghosts come at him from the sides does he get killed.  Determining whether pacman gets killed or not is now done by pixel rather than grid node.  Damien Edwards
 6  Fixed  High  Trevor Donarski  Code  When Pacman eats a big pellet the timer never stops running. Pacman can eat ghosts forever   Properly used timer in java.util.timer  Neil Patel
 7  Open  Medium  Neil Patel/Paul Force  Code  Right now the only place we can keep score is overlapping with the game board. If we can get the screen percentage thing going to we can fix this.   Temporarily left on the gameboard.  Neil Patel

Old bugs still Open
 Defect  Status  Priority  Assigned To  Artifact  Defect Description  Resolution Description  Logged By
 1  Open  Medium  Trevor Donarski  Requirements  The Requirements document needs to be more specific in the functional requirements section. Things such as what specific buttons do, menu functions, and loading/saving need to be addressed. Overall, it is too broad.    Brian Lam
 4  Open  Low  Trevor Donarski  Requirements  More functional requirements should be added, such as Save Game, Load Game, Pause, etc; enough to support all of the use cases    Chris Epsom
 9  Open  Medium  Chris Epsom  Architecture  There are some future features missing in the document.Just add a class and some psuedocode for later coding.    Brian Lam
 10  Open  Medium  Chris Epsom  Architecture  Add a method to get the percent size of the screen in    Trevor Donarski
 12  Open  Low  Chris Epsom  Architecture  Make new attributes in for each screen and leave control there.    Braden Kowitz
 13  Fixed  Medium  Chris Epsom  Architecture  Remove screen control from    Braden Kowitz
 14  Fixed  Medium  Chris Epsom  Architecture  Remove as well as making all other screens extend Screen.    Braden Kowitz
 23  Pending  Low  Brian Lam  Test Plan  Test Case #5 should also test if the scores are updated continously during the game.  "View High Scores" only displays the top five high scores and nothing else.   Damien Edwards
 30  Open  Low  All  Code  The naming conventions used in code can be more clear.    Damien Edwards